The vision of Energiesprong UK is desirable, warm, affordable homes for life

the result we aim for is


Net-zero energy homes with long performance warranties


Refurbishment within a week to 10 days


Financeable from energy cost savings

look & feel

Attractive and comfortable homes that impress the neighbours

Dutch examples

Publications And Events

Keeping up-to-date with Energiesprong UK

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Retrofit4Change - funding and delivering green retrofit more efficiently and cost-effectively

Both Arno Smickler and Kerry Mashford will be presenting on Energiesprong at this one-day Building4Change conference at BRE in Watford on Tuesday 5 July.

The conference, aimed at building owners, housing associations, large private estates, architects, developers and contractors within the residential and non-residential sectors, examines alternative funding for projects and explores how refurbishment projects can be made more efficient and cost effective through improved management of the supply chain and the use of innovation.

Warmer & Greener: A Guide to the Future of Domestic Energy Efficiency Policy

Energiesprong UK is commended by the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF) to the UK Government for its work to bring real transformation to the retrofit market in the UK. In its report ‘Warmer & Greener’ WSBF recommends funding support of £1 million a year to Energiesprong as an avenue to developing and scaling the energy efficiency industry in the UK. Supported by a case study, the report advocates raising Energiesprong’s profile with the Government and encourages collaboration, stating: “The Government should engage with Energiesprong UK to reduce barriers to its development and provide some initial, small-scale funding to the project.” See pages 53-56.

Ecobuild 2016

Ecobuild 2016 ES seminarThe third day of Ecobuild 2016 included a seminar on Energiesprong in the UK. The session explored how the market will be developed, how appropriate it is to UK housing stock, financing, benefits to the householder, the implications of a 30-year performance warranty and how the UK can build scale and industrialise processes to bring down costs.

The session included a number of speakers on Energiesprong and was chaired by the Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation, Dr Kerry Mashford, who gave an introduction to the seminar and Energiesprong UK.



Our Ambition, Mission and Aims & Objectives - briefing document

Transforming the market to make net zero energy housing a reality in the UK:

  • What is Energiesprong?
  • Creating a new market
  • Concept and approach
  • Energiesprong UK
  • Key principles and main ideas

Renovation in a Day (Onsite Video)

A video showing how Energiesprong can work in practice, using an actual onsite example (3:31).

Net Zero Energy Housing (Animated Video)

Our short animated video (3:02) showing how Energiesprong can work in practice.

Industry leaders explore supply chain opportunities provided by Energiesprong housing refurbishment

24 February 2016. The REMI press release reporting on a workshop held in Coventry to look at the nature and scale of the supply chain opportunities offered in the UK by Energiesprong.

Dutch Energiesprong housing innovation to come to the UK

10 February 2016. Our press release announcing the awarding of €3.6 million of EU Horizon 2020 grant funding to roll out Energiesprong in a number of European countries, including the UK.

Response to Feed-in Tariff Consultation - Oct 2015

October 2015. Energiesprong UK made a response to the Government’s consultation on changes to the feed-in tariff.

Game-changing Energiesprong refurbishment model comes to the UK

16 July 2015. Our press release announcing the coming together of a number of leading social housing providers, construction companies, trade bodies and expert organisations to form Energiesprong UK.